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RooCoin is a ‘charity-oriented’ token that's helping to support community causes across the world. It will change the direction of crypto philanthropy; it will become more transparent and ‘ethical’.


Engage & giveback
to communities

Initially, all token transactions will incur a 1% transaction fee which is automatically sent to a safe charity wallet. Once our platforms are live, the 1% transaction fee on trading RooCoin will be switched off forever! Charity funds will then continue to be generated by taxing the transaction fees from our broad product range.

The community itself decides where donations go.
The stronger our community, the more valuable RooCoin becomes.
We are constantly co-creating with our holders to develop and inspire a cohesive community.
We want to inspire individuals to embrace change, realise their potential, support and develop each other and engage in positive community-based decision making.
Connect with RooCoin

A suite of tools for an online world

Cross-chain Exchange
RooSwap is a cross-chain decentralised exchange, built initially on the Binance Smart Chain but with support for Ethereum and BTC planned.
Wallet Application
The first passive staking NFT wallet, that earns you tokens for holding your NFTs on our platform.
NFT Marketplace
RooNFT will be a P2P marketplace for the sale and trade of in-game assets, NFT art and NFT music collectables.
Social Network Platform
A web 3.0 app where members can seamlessly interact with people and communities. We make the process of discovering and donating to communities and people seamless.

Road Map


  • Presale
  • First donation voting round
  • Community Contests
  • Influencer Marketing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CMC Listing
  • First Exchange Listing
  • Merchandise
  • Expansion

  • More Donations
  • Website Improvements
  • Major Influencer Partnerships
  • Community Livestreams
  • RooCoin NFT Sale for Charity
  • Other Exchange Listings
  • Exchange Launch

  • MORE Donations
  • Launch of the Exchange
  • Building of Liquidity Pools
  • Expanding Exchange Features
  • Video Marketing Campaign
  • Staking Functionality
  • Further Exchange Listings
  • Wallet Application

  • MORE Donations
  • Launch of the Wallet Application
  • Further Expansion of Exchange Features
  • Implementation of the cross chain bridge
  • Continued Marketing Campaign
  • Seeking Partnerships in Preparation of NFT Launch
  • NFT Marketplace

  • MORE Donations
  • Implementation of our P2P marketplace for the sale and trade of NFT's
  • Integration of NFT Art to Wallet Application
  • Further Expansion of Exchange Features
  • Decentralised Charity Voting
  • Continued Marketing Campaign
  • First NFT Lotteries
  • Refining Product Line

  • MORE Donations
  • Incorporating all our Products into a Single Application
  • Mobile Application of our Products
  • Further Expansion of Existing Product Features
  • Social Network Platform for Holders
  • Continued Marketing Campaign
  • Tokenomics

    Supply: 400,000,000
    Manual Burns
    1% Tax on Transcations
    Auto Charity Wallet

    Token Allocation

    1.5% - Airdrop5% - Marketing20% - Staking30% - Reserves6.5% - Legal / Clerical10% - Development / Advisors11% - Pancake Swap Liquidity16% - Presale
  • 1.5%

  • 5%

  • 20%

  • 30%

  • 6.5%

    Legal / Clerical
  • 10%

    Development / Advisors
  • 11%

    Pancake Swap Liquidity
  • 16%


    Important Documents

    Meet the founder

    Hello, my name is Ashley Ward, I’m a filmmaker based in England, and I have been involved in the crypto space for over 10 years.

    During my ventures into crypto I have made sound investments and profited very well. As crypto grew, I watched the inevitable wave of scams being built and crypto has become a way and means for unscrupulous con artists to take advantage of others. I don’t like that.

    I have written extensively about the pitfalls of these ‘less than transparent’ online crooks and exposed their get rich quick scams to the general public in various online forums. The feedback from people who read my works was incredibly positive – I saved people hundreds of thousands of pounds, I got a great deal of satisfaction from that – it felt right.

    That positive feedback made me think long and hard about what I could do to improve crypto investments and give back to society. I have a passion for strengthening communities and helping charitable causes, then it dawned on me, an idea that nobody to date has come up with – create my own tokens, a website, and provide crypto-centric infrastructure which enables people to make sound investments in a ‘fully transparent way’. The infrastructure behind RooCoin gives individuals the power to build an ‘ethical crypto community’, one that ‘kicks back’ profits to charitable causes, which you, the people decide on.

    Welcome to a new era of transparent crypto, one that gives to charitable causes while providing a profitable, dynamic, evolving online collective, one that builds ethical and accountable communities.

    Come and join the fun – make a difference, play your part!

    #TradeEthical #RooCoin


    A charity-oriented token that’s helping to support community causes across the world. Meet RooCoin.

    Initially we charge a tax of 1% on every transaction, this tax is automatically sent to the charity wallet where funds are distributed to chosen projects.

    This tax is only temporary whilst we build our varied product lineup, the tax will then be turned off and charity funds will be generated from our products transaction fees.

    Please don’t confuse RooCoin with the countless meme/moon coins that are built purely for hype. We are building a long-term project with real utility.

    The RooCoin team won’t engage in irresponsible chat regarding predicted prices etc however much like our investors we want to see the price increase over time.

    However, rather than be priced on hype we prefer it to be based on our technical achievements over the course of the project.

    Join our community and check the recruitment list to find a matching function or task for yourself.

    Promoting RooCoin on your own initiative wouldn’t hurt of course.

    The safety of our holder’s funds is of the highest priorities at RooCoin and as such the contract has been audited prior to launch.

    This audit can be viewed in the “documents” section of the website.

    The official RooCoin charity wallet can be found here: 0x512e458a89A31Fdb1064Cee3c3cd09ECC4dC797B

    Please Note: Do not send any donations to this address (they will be lost) its only used for the auto-generated charity funds.

    RooCoin holds transparency and honesty to the highest of importance.Once we have made a donation from the charity wallet, the transaction will be snapshotted and added to our online searchable directory.

    This way our holders can track every transaction and see the destination of those funds. It will also allow anyone to see how much they have achieved as a community.

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